You’ve met your goals and will be set up for success.

You’ve met your goals, now we will continue to help you maintain for life! You are set up for success. You will have changed self-sabotaging behaviors and replaced them with life changing habits that will last a lifetime.

You will be at your new “weight-set point.”  This is when your body is given a chance to adjust to your new weight, higher metabolism and recognizes this weight as your new normal.

To ensure your continued success of sustainable weight loss we have also created a lifetime component for our SprintSet clients. We know how important accountability is to the success of any challenge we take on – it is proven that weight loss without accountability will be short lived. We will keep you moving forward with our continued support and accountability initiatives.

Copyright© 2020 SprintSet. All rights reserved. The SprintSet logo is a trademark of SprintSet and is registered in the United States. *Weight loss among participants on the SprintSet System varies. Federal agencies suggest most people who participate in any weight loss program will lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Testimonials are from actual clients who have completed the SprintSet System and did not receive any compensation for their endorsements. Due in part to their success on the SprintSet System, some individuals subsequently became SprintSet employees.