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In a six-month clinical trial, participants who followed the SprintSet System saw great weight loss and impressive changes on and off the scale.

How SprintSet Will Work For You

Personal Coaching

You don’t have to go at it alone. You will have daily access to your personal coach through our revolutionary SprintSet dashboard/portal.

Energizing Focus

Feel great on the SprintSet system! It’s not just about losing weight.

Customized Food Plan

Your SprintSet System is customized to your specific needs based on testing that determines factors interfering with weight loss.

No Additional Exercise

A stronger focus is on changing behaviors and creating new habits that can and will continue throughout your lifetime. We recommend 30 minutes of walking

Sustainable Weight Loss

We use scientifically proven principles to make weight loss sustainable: autophagy (where the body trains itself to consume unused fat stores) and metabolic recalibration. Your body will burn calories more efficiently even after the SprintSet system.